Brief History of St. Paul’s-Eastern United Church

The first church on the corner of Cumberland and Daly streets was Knox Presbyterian Church. It was a modest wooden structure build in 1845.

For 40 years this congregation thrived and eventually outgrew their building, and they began to make plans to build a bigger church. While these discussions were underway, some of the members decided to form a second congregation and move the Center Town, taking the name, Knox Presbyterian Church with them.

In 1874, the remaining congregation at Cumberland and Daly chose to call themselves the Daly Street Presbyterian Church at first and then changed their name to St. Paul’s Prebyterian Church, as they feared the street name might be changed.

In 1889 the long planned new church was completed, built of native rock in the Romanesque Revival Style, which was very popular in Canada and the USA in the 1880-1890. The church had a high bell tower with an exaggerated corner turret, and several smaller smaller decorative turrets.

In 1915 the prominent corner tower had become unsafe and it was taken down to less than half it’s original height and the turrets were removed.

Once again in 1929 there were problems with the soundness of the tower and it was taken down completely to ground level for extensive repairs and strengthening of the foundation and it was rebuilt as you see it today. Since that time there have been no major changes to the outward appearance of the buiding.

In 1924, the congregation voted to become part of the United Church of Canada, and the congregation of the nearby Eastern Methodist Church joined the congregation of St. Paul’s Presbyterian and the new congregation was renamed St. Paul’s-Eastern United Church. It continues to serve families of Sandy Hill, Lower Town as well as those from the south, east and west parts of the city of Ottawa, as well as Western Quebec.

For more a more detailed account please take a look at our history book.